It's my blog - go Carrie!

Friday, October 07, 2005

New Blogger! New Page of Life!

Have been thinking of creating my blog for long time already!!
Just not determined enought to translate thoughts into actions!
Am glad that this's done today~

What prompted me to action?
An unknown TW blogger:

Well, I'd been knowing the popularity of Stephen R. Covey's The 8th Habit for quite some time already. And, accidentally comes to learn what are they exactly.

  • 主動積極
  • 以終為始
  • 要事第一
  • 雙贏思維
  • 知彼解己
  • 統合綜效
  • 不斷更新
  • 找到自己內在的聲音
  • 激勵他人尋找內在聲音

Well, I guess "Habbit" must be turned into "Action" in order to have an effect! And, this "Action" must be repeated in a regular pattern in order to have an impact in your life.

With a wish to have my blog. Action on my thoughts. And, blog daily as my habbit. I wish I could accumulate something valuable for review & sharing one day in the future.